We care about your email,
so you may care about your business.


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You deserve undivided attention.

You get our full focus.

There is no freemium model at Sooma. Top of the line email is incompatible with you competing with a mob of non-paying neighbour users for our attention. You deserve an email provider that cares. We care about your business and we care about you, by caring for your email.


Reliable email is a cornerstone of modern communication. Never ever worry again about your email being inaccessible, your inbox being full or lost business because of problems with your communication.

Your business never stops.

Neither do we.


Your email is yours.

We keep it private.

We know your email is important to you. As such, it’s for your eyes only. We support all the technologies needed for end-to-end of your sensitive information.

Four reasons
for you to choose Sooma email

A gorgeous webmail client with shared calendar and contacts.

Use your email as a branding tool. You can use your own domain, and you may customize the look of the webmail application.

A private secure alternative to Office 365 and Gmail, located in Europe in a friendly jurisdiction.

An easy to use management interface that allows you to do day to day tasks such as account creation and deletion, email alias setup or out-of-office reply and redirection.

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Distilled into our webmail you will find a decade of refinements toward simplifying common tasks without removing powerful features. The web interface is fast, accessible in just about every device and utterly impossible to describe in words. Take a quick look below.

Your email, Our passion